Warehouse Is Available For Rent

PKR 1,500,000.00

  • 55000 Square feet
  • 0 Bed
  • 0 Bathroom
  • 0 Kitchen
  • City: Lahore
  • Location: Raiwind Road
  • Property Type: Commercial
  • Area: 55000 Square feet
  • Price: 1,500,000 /-
  • Rooms: 0
  • Bathrooms: 0
  • Water Connection
  • Gas Connection
  • Internet Access
  • Electricity Connection

The Warehouse you were looking for is now finally up for grabs. Let the experts help you find the right rental property like in this case. Take a look at this 55000 Square Feet property and imagine you have found the best one for you. The Warehouse valued at PKR ,500,000 is reasonable, given its features. Raiwind Road is known for its easy access to amenities and public transport, so you should definitely check it out. The Raiwind Road is a good choice for your next chapter in life.

Hafiz Mansoor Ahmad



Not Available